Intellectual Property


Anderson Kill’s Intellectual Property attorneys regularly work with the full range of intellectual property issues and problems for a broad cross-section of domestic and international clients.

Our Representations Include:


Securing Trademark Protection

Anderson Kill handles all aspects of trademark law and has extensive experience in trademark prosecution, litigation, and licensing.

Obtaining Trademark Registrations

Anderson Kill’s intellectual property group assists clients in obtaining and maintaining registered trademarks including conducting all necessary trademark searches, filing applications, preparing and filing necessary affidavits and renewal applications, defending and prosecuting opposition and cancellation proceedings, and handling any other matters that may arise before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Litigation

Anderson Kill’s intellectual property attorneys have experience in trademark, service mark, trade name, and trade dress litigation in the U.S. federal courts.

Selecting Trademarks

The firm works with its clients to develop terms and logos as trademarks and/or service marks which are both valid and registerable.

Exploiting Trademarks

The firm’s intellectual property attorneys are experienced in working with clients to exploit trademarks, especially through drafting and negotiating trademark licenses and related marketing agreements.


Anderson Kill's Intellectual Property Group has worked extensively in the copyright area and especially in connection with the use of copyrights to protect computer software.

Obtaining Copyrights

Anderson Kill has worked with a wide variety of clients to obtain copyright registrations. Anderson Kill attorneys have assisted clients in obtaining copyright registrations for various aspects of computer software without disclosing or impairing the value of important trade secrets in the software.

Copyright Litigation

Anderson Kill has handled various copyright infringement actions on behalf of copyright registration owners and defended against infringement claims. Clients on whose behalf such actions have been prosecuted have been in such diverse industries as computer software, publishing, fabric design, toys, and greeting cards.

Exploiting Copyrights

The firm's attorneys regularly work with clients to develop licensing arrangements designed to maximize the rights of U.S. copyright registration owners. This has included the filing of copyright registrations (as well as trademark registrations), samples, and other materials with the United States Customs Service to enable the Customs Service to identify and intercept infringing goods being imported into the United States.


Patent Litigation

Anderson Kill's Intellectual Property Group has had extensive experience with both non-jury and jury patent litigation on behalf of patentees or defending against patent infringement claims. The group is familiar with foreign patent and patent-related dispute resolution in such countries as Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan.

Exploiting Patents

The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in assisting clients to exploit their patent rights and related technology and know-how. These efforts have included negotiating and developing technology transfer arrangements for clients, such as joint venture and license agreements, both in the United States and abroad.

Trade Secrets

Anderson Kill's Intellectual Property Group has extensive experience in working with clients to protect trade secrets and in litigating trade secret cases on behalf of plaintiffs as well as defendants.

Anderson Kill has counseled numerous clients concerning measures and programs to be designed to protect confidential information.

The firm's Intellectual Property Group has extensive experience in negotiating and developing domestic and foreign license and technology transfer arrangements which make trade secrets and know-how available to the client or, alternatively, to others while maintaining sufficient prohibitions on disclosure to protect this form of intellectual property.

Unfair Competition

Anderson Kill has considerable experience in litigating cases involving unfair or fraudulent business practices. The definition of "unfair competition" is flexible and always evolving, as are Anderson Kill's services. Our goal is to protect our clients' business interests through both the prosecution and defense of unfair competition and intellectual property-related lawsuits. In addition to litigation, Anderson Kill routinely advises clients regarding compliance with state and federal unfair competition laws.