Up Close Interview with John Leonard

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  • January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022

New York-based shareholder, Anderson Kill P.C.

New York-based associate, Anderson Kill P.C.

There will always be a need for insurance recovery attorneys. Policyholders deserve to receive the benefit of the policies that they purchase from insurance companies. They pay insurance companies good money for that. Disputes will always arise, whether on a micro level (does this particular policy insure this loss?) or macro level (do property policies insure business interruption losses from COVID-19?). As long as those disputes exist, policyholders will need insurance recovery attorneys like those at Anderson Kill to go to bat for them.

To keep developing within this industry. Anderson Kill pioneered the insurance recovery industry, and has so many attorneys recognized as polestars in this practice area. My goal would be to join them soon.

There is always a certain amount of the unknown in insurance - that’s really the whole point of insurance, dealing with uncertainty and risk. We know more about how the planet is changing, and how our connectedness plays into that. We’re continuing to learn more about things like the pandemic and climate change. What’s still up in the air is how insurance can and will respond to those global issues. It’s our job as policyholder attorneys to make sure that we anticipate and prepare to fight those battles on behalf of policyholders. Recoveries that help a business to stay open or help clean up the environment have ripple effects that go far beyond an individual policyholder.

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