Podcast: Insurance Coverage for PFAS Claims with Robert Chesler

Emerging Litigation Podcast

  • April 1, 2022

The PFAS  family of chemicals is one stubborn bunch. They are a class of man-made products dubbed "forever chemicals," because of the difficulty of removing them from the environment, humans, and other animals.  They are also at the center of sprawling litigation around the country involving alleged property damage, water contamination, and bodily injury. More than 1,500 cases are consolidated in closely-watched multi-district litigation in federal court in South Carolina. 

In a previous episode I interviewed two environmental scientists about this tenacious and ubiquitous group of chemicals. In upcoming episodes we will interview a plaintiff attorney who represents individuals and water companies, and another who specializes in medical monitoring. In this episode, we will discuss the insurance coverage aspects of PFAS-related claims -- which is a huge part of determining who and how eventual remedies will be paid for.

Listen to my interview with Anderson Kill's Robert D. Chesler, a preeminent expert on insurance coverage law especially in the context of highly complex long-tail claims scenarios involving multiple parties and events that can span decades and always cost many millions of dollars.  Considered by many to be an insurance guru on these cases -- as well as on D&O, cyber and privacy, and intellectual property insurance -- Bob holds a Ph.D. and masters degree from Princeton University, and a J.D. (cum laude) from Harvard Law School.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.

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