How Safe Is Your Face? Now Is the Time to Guard Against Biometric Data Theft

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  • April 12, 2022

How safe is your face?

That’s the question New York City-based Shareholder Cort Malone of Anderson Kill set out to answer in his highly popular RIMS session, “Taking a Bio(metric) Break: Assessing Biometric Liability Risk and Insurance Coverage” on April 12.

Your biometric data, things like your fingerprints, retinal scans and facial recognition, is being used increasingly by different companies as a password or to gain access to secure locations.

. . .

Malone discussed some additional interesting examples of biometrics.

Some companies are using handprints and scanners that go a step further than fingerprints by analyzing an individual’s finger vein or hand vein scan. Marketing companies track people’s facial reactions to online advertisements using facial recognition for enhancing advertising. Sports players wear sensors while playing to gather data and learn more about how athletes respond to training methods.

There are applications of facial recognition and biometrics in retail, transportation and travel.

Malone noted, “This technology makes the world faster and more efficient — it’s here to stay.”

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