Contractual Risk Transfer Workshop 1

  • Organizer: RIMS New York Chapter
  • Location: 730 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017
  • Date: March 8, 2023
  • Time: 09:00 AM-04:30 PM

Risk transfer is a fundamental component in any comprehensive risk management strategy. To reduce your risk exposure and craft solid contracts with other parties, it is critical to understand the fine print. In this workshop, attorneys at law will address the process of risk transfer, indemnity clauses, uses of insurance, and fundamentals of contract review.

By the end of the workshop, you will learn how to understand and draft a contract that effectively transfers risk while reducing your company’s exposure to loss. Further, you will have the tools you need to feel confident in the terms of your contracts with other parties, and the knowledge to engage in more productive discussions of risk transfer, from negotiating with service providers to communicating with your company’s stakeholders.

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