Handling Natural Resource Damages Claims in NJ: A Practical Guide To Get the Best Results For & Protect The Clients You Represent

  • Organizer: New Jersey State Bar Association
  • Location: New Brunswick, NJ
  • Date: February 20, 2019

New Jersey is grappling with the toxic residue of its industrial past while simultaneously navigating the strains of overpopulation. With 114 Superfund sites, including some of the most dangerous accumulations of chemical waste in all of America, New Jersey holds the distinction of having the most superfund sites in the nation (even though it is the 4th smallest state). Worse yet, according to a 2018 report by the American Lung Association, in certain areas air pollution in New Jersey is so bad it could be dangerous to your health to breathe, and New Jersey’s air continues to be among the most polluted in the nation, with a large swath of the state receiving failing grades for smog.

  • Are your clients considering purchasing property with a potential history of contamination?
  • Are you clients considering litigation related to natural resource damages?
  • Do you know the key factors you need to focus on to get the maximum results?

Make Sure Your Clients Are Prepared When Purchasing Property in New Jersey Natural Resource Damages Claims seek the full restoration, and not just the remediation, of natural resources damaged by pollution. Through the Office of Natural Resource Restoration (NDR), the NJ DEP actively pursues restoration claims and seeks to restore air, water, land, flora, fauna, and habitat damaged by pollution to its original state. As an attorney, you should always consider the possibility of NRD claims when considering the purchase of property with a history of contamination, as the possibility of incurring NRD costs in addition to cleanup and remediation costs, are always a possibility. Defending against NRD claims can involve years of costly litigation and outcomes, not just with the DEP, but with insurers for coverage of NRD costs.

Register today for this informative and important half-day seminar to learn how to navigate the issues inherent in NRD litigation, including the science and valuation of claims, strategies for recovering under insurance policies. As an attendee, you’ll walk away with concrete strategies you can put to work immediately in many of the transactions you’re already handling.

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