Environmental Insurance Coverage Under CGL, Property and D&O Policies for NRD, CERCLA, RCRA, OPA and Other Claims

  • Organizer: Strafford
  • Date: September 26, 2017

This CLE webinar will provide counsel with a review of new and emerging trends in environmental claims, potential coverage under various commercial policies, the parameters of key policy exclusions, and the scope of covered damages.

Insurance coverage is a crucial source for recovery of environmental investigation, cleanup, liability and defense costs.  Current trends in environmental claims, whether NRD, CERCLA, RCRA or other claims, present evolving theories of liability that impact potential coverage under non-environmental policies.

While CGL coverage is typically used to recover costs and pay for damages from environmental liabilities, property insurance, D&O policies and other business policies may also provide coverage.

Frequently litigated pollution exclusion issues include what constitutes a “pollutant” and whether the exclusion bars coverage for liabilities a policyholder did not expect or intend.  Counsel must also wrestle with determining which cost and liabilities will be treated as damages under a policy.

Listen as our authoritative panel guides you through insurance coverage issues for environmental claims, costs, liabilities and damages.

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