2016 Cyber Security Conference

  • Organizer: NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education
  • Location: E. Fairfield, NJ
  • Date: December 12, 2016

The security and integrity of information is an ever-growing concern in a business world faced with cloud computing, mobile technology and cyber criminals. Businesses, individuals and even law firms are having to come to grips with the challenges associated with this risk. Especially with the confidentiality requirements associated with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

What does data and cyber security mean for your firm and clients? What are the specific risks and concerns associated with cyber security? How can you help your clients navigate the complicated realm of information security, risk management, and cyber coverage concerns?

This course provides you with the tools to address concerns facing businesses and their attorneys regarding data, cyber security and cyber coverage. The course will also address the ethical mandates involved with cyber security and how the risks extend beyond just information security.

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