Environmental Claims Journal

  • Published On: January 6, 2011

“Eugene R. Anderson Dies at 82: He Made Insurers Pay Up.” - The New York Times (August 2, 2010)

Gene Anderson, a giant in the field of coverage law, passed away on July 30, 2010, after complications arising from pneumonia. I was privileged to work with Gene for the last 15 years and offer this brief tribute based mostly on already published material. His contribution to the field of environmental insurance and risk management cannot be overstated. Gene would have been proud of the above headline from his New York Times’ obituary, but would have preferred the term “insurance company” to “insurers.” Insurers and insureds makes it sound like the two are on equal footing. One of the first things Gene taught the host of people who worked with him was that policyholders being on an equal footing with insurance companies was a myth.

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