Insurance Coverage For ChatGPT Legal Fiasco: A Hypothetical


  • Published On: July 20, 2023

Artificial intelligence tools permit humans to make bigger and more grandiose mistakes. Native human intelligence, drawing on human experience, suggests that insurance companies are likely to make things even worse for those who face liability for such errors with improper claims practices.

AI is permitting customer service to vanish, industry by industry. For example, airlines are steering customers seeking help to chatbots rather than live customer service representatives.

As a recent article in The Atlantic summed up:

Airlines are leaning into A.I., betting that the latest wave of chatbots will be the most cost-effective way to support customers. The long-standing truth is that companies don't want to talk to you. First, they didn't want to do it in person, then they didn't want to do it by phone, now they don't want to do it online, and soon they won't want to do it at all. It's not personal — it just costs money.[1]

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