Stablecoin Evolution: The Overall Unbiased History and Projected Future of Financial Technology

Independently Published

PUBLISHED ON: January 3, 2022

Imagine understanding the most crucial development in finance in over five hundred years. Part history and part manual, Stablecoin Evolution builds upon the enthusiastic reception enjoyed by its first and second editions. In this book, you will learn how stablecoins work, where they fit into the history of money, and why they are helpful. You will also find overviews of the major players, the latest innovations, and insights into future trends.

Stablecoin Evolution is a robust text that poetically leads readers from an inquisitive entry-level financial technology ponderer to a vastly knowledgable and confident entity. Beginning with the history of barter, fiat, blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, one quickly obtains a general understanding of the history of finance and technology. By chapter 2, book acquirers gain a solid grasp on fungibility vs. non-fungibility, opening the doors to understanding the difference between stablecoins and other digital assets.

This thoughtful 7-year guide is overflowing with information on over 200 stablecoins. It breaks down the overall history of industry pioneers, providing direct quotes from leaders as Alyze Sam has worked in stablecoins since inception.

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