Insurance Coverage For Bed Bug Claims

Focus (Industry News)

PUBLISHED ON: December 11, 2012

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Bed bugs are undergoing a resurgence—both beneath the sheets and in the press—and causing problems for many different types of facilities, especially hotels. As a result of this
resurgence, there have been an increasing number of lawsuits against hotel owners and operators by guests who allege that they have been bitten and injured by bed bugs.

Property owners must be aware that they can be liable for damages awards and bear the expense of defending against these claims. They may, however, have insurance coverage available for all of the risks associated with bed bugs.

The number of bed bug-related personal injury lawsuits is growing. Many of the lawsuits brought against property owners allege negligence, breach of implied warranty of habitability, nuisance, battery, and fraud. Under any of these potential theories of liability, a property owner may be liable for any bodily injury caused to the claimant as a result of being bitten by bed bugs on the property owner’s premises.