Identifying Insurance Coverage for Riot Damage

Risk Management

PUBLISHED ON: June 2, 2015

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Major civil disturbances in the United States should be of concern to the business community. The recent riots in Baltimore and elsewhere damaged hundreds of businesses. But the physical property damage caused by the riots likely will be dwarfed by the loss of revenue suffered by the retailers, hotels, restaurants, convention centers and corporations based in the city.

Maryland’s governor declared a state of emergency and imposed a mandatory week-long curfew that forced many businesses to close early. The Baltimore Orioles even hosted the first baseball game in history that was closed to fans after Camden Yards was shut down amid the unrest. Surrounding hotels, restaurants, bars and shops also lost revenue.

There is insurance coverage for these types of losses, however, which may be found in first-party property, business interruption, civil authority and extra expense insurance.

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