Don't Let The One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Blow Away Your Insurance Coverage


PUBLISHED ON: October 17, 2006

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This article originally appeared in Anderson Kill's Policyholder Advisor (August 2006).

The last week of August will mark the one-year anniversary that Hurricane Katrina devastated life, property and business in the Gulf Coast region. Many affected policyholders, busy rebuilding and repairing their businesses, have been forced to simultaneously deal with their insurance companies in an effort to secure the full benefits of their insurance protection. Because many businesses’ insurance claims for hurricane damage still are pending and have not been resolved, policyholders must ensure that they do not overlook time-sensitive provisions contained within their insurance policies or under Louisiana law, including those which address the policyholder’s right to sue its insurance company for a denial of coverage. These issues also apply to deadlines for Hurricane Rita.