Cooperative and Condominium Law


Anderson Kill currently serves as general counsel to the boards of directors and managers of numerous cooperatives, condominiums, and homeowners associations (HOA) throughout the New York metropolitan area. Clients range from multi-building luxury complexes to small brownstones and include buildings converted from rental premises as well as new construction projects.

Some of the services that Anderson Kill provides to owners, sponsors, cooperative, condominium and HOA clients, include:

  • day-to-day corporate counseling
  • preparing offering plans
  • litigation
  • modification of bylaws, declaration, and house rules
  • oversight of construction and renovation projects
  • negotiation and preparation of leases and capital improvement contracts, and managing agent contracts
  • representation on refinancing of underlying building mortgages and condominium loans
  • representation in work-outs with sponsors and banks
  • collection of arrears
  • dealings with the Attorney General’s office
  • assistance with board election issues
  • performance as a transfer agent
  • sales and other transactions related to condominium and cooperative units

Anderson Kill has also pioneered the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques as an alternative to expensive and protracted litigation.

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