NYSBA Elects Diana Shafter Gliedman as Co-Chair of the Newly Established Insurance Dispute Committee


*The below release  was issued by NYSBA on June 3, 2021.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – June 3, 2021 - The Dispute Resolution Section of the NY State Bar Association has voted unanimously to establish a new committee focused upon the resolution of insurance related disputes through mediation and arbitration.

The new committee will meet regularly starting in the Fall of 2021 to discuss developments in the law (focused on New York) and at various times have guest speakers present views on topics of interest. There is no other section or committee in the Bar Association focused on this area. A majority of insurance coverage and claim disputes are resolved through mediation and/or arbitration. Our meetings will be geared to providing helpful material and education to all attorneys involved in this area. We encourage policyholder attorneys, defense attorneys and insurance company in-house attorneys to participate, as well as ADR professionals and any other interested attorneys. We also welcome attorneys who are in-house at insurance brokerages.

The Chairs of the committee are Mark J. Bunim, a full-time mediator and arbitrator who is a member of AAA’s Commercial Large Complex Case Panel (bunim@caseclosure.com) and Diana Shafter Gliedman, a shareholder at Anderson Kill, who represents and counsels policyholders (dgliedman@andersonkill.com).

Please contact Catherine Carl (ccarl@nysba.org) to register for the committee ASAP. Membership in the New York State Bar Association is required.

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