23andMe Breach Compounded by Theft of Ethnicity Data / Chris O'Malley

  • November 7, 2023

Genetic testing and ancestry company 23andMe is trying to rein in the fallout from a data breach that was especially dire. Not only did hackers gain access to standard personal information, such as dates of birth, but also to their genetic makeups, at a time when Jews and Asians are increasingly facing attacks.

Just weeks after 23andMe disclosed the theft of customer data, the ancestry website has been slapped with two dozen lawsuits and has drawn the furrowed brows of regulators.


Joshua Gold, a shareholder in the New York office of Anderson Kill and co-chair of its cyber insurance recovery group, said hackers are increasingly amalgamating stolen information and leveraging it to unlock more doors—a practice known as credential-stuffing.

It’s a tactic that’s effective partly because users often use the same password for many of their online accounts.

“They’re just stealing data, and they’re starting to combine it. These hackers are able to put it all together and put it up for sale to other criminals,” he said.

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