FIRM - Eugene R. Anderson Award


Eugene R. Anderson Award

Anderson Kill grants an annual award in honor of founder Eugene R. Anderson's extraordinary legacy as a pathbreaking attorney and inspirational leader.

The Eugene R. Anderson Award, granted annually to one staff member and one attorney, honors Gene’s commitment to building a firm that serves the public welfare and fosters a culture of mutual respect, aid, and consultation among all members of the firm. The recipients are selected by The Executive Committee from nominations submitted by firm staff and attorneys. 

Awardees exemplify Gene’s professional ideals and include criteria taken from his Twelve Principals of attorney practice and firm governance. These include excellent work and client service, a high level of personal satisfaction in professional practice, serving priorities other than maximal earnings, dealing forthrightly with mistakes, and fostering free discussion and mutual support among colleagues without regard to hierarchical distinctions. 

Past awards are listed below

Year Attorney Staff
2022 Grant Brown Maria Fezza
2021 Ray Mascia Robyn Hess
2020 Bruce Strong William Katz
2019 Diana Gliedman Michael Ng
2018 Carrie DiCanio Kelin Ramos
2017 Rachael Kierych Margie Vargas
2016 Dan Healy Dale Brown
2015 Dennis Nolan Ronnie Mordan
2014 Cort Malone Susan Freberg (CA)
2013 Caroline Hurtado Ford (CA) Lori Coca
2012 Josh Gold Kath Samet
2011 Dennis Artese Claudia Ilie