Commitment to Diversity

Anderson Kill is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to a diverse workforce of attorneys, professionals, and staff members without regard to gender, race, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital and parental status or physical disabilities.  We encourage diversity both at the firm and in the legal profession. 

Our commitment to diversity is not only a statement, but reflected in our actions.  With overwhelming and unanimous support from all stockholders and Executive Committee members, Anderson Kill established a Diversity Committee comprised of a broad representation of the firm.  The mission of the Diversity Committee is to continue to promote the core values of diversity among its employees by fostering cooperation and individual respect for all.

The Diversity Committee advises management and takes action on a range of diversity issues including, but not limited to recruitment, retention and promotion.  We have established recruitment protocols that significantly increase opportunities to meet and employ qualified diversity candidates.  In addition, once through the door, we continue to remove any barrier to success with programs focused on diversity training, retention, promotion and leadership. 

Anderson Kill is a diverse work place that takes pride in its “work-life” ethic.   Our goal is to continue to employ, mentor, nurture and promote qualified diverse attorneys who are committed to providing outstanding legal services for our clients.